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Part 1 

Liam’s POV

Louis hadn’t left me alone for the past 9 months. But I had finally persuaded him to go out. Even if it was to the pub with the boys. They had only been gone for about half an hour, when I started feeling some pain in my stomach. I thought it was just a false alarm so I carried on as normal. I sat down and put the TV. Only then did the pain come. The pain was unbearable. I knew that this wasn’t a false alarm. I was wet from where my waters had broken. I tried to reach for my phone but I couldn’t reach it. I tried to breathe through the pain, but I couldn’t. I was screaming by the second contraction. I tried to move to the door, but I only got to the living room door way before my legs gave out. I curled up on the floor. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. The pain was exhausting. I wanted Louis.

Louis’s POV

I kept checking my phone, I was considering popping home. It was only 2 houses down.

"Lou, stop it. He will call if something happens" Niall said as he took my phone from my hands. I had only  been here for about 45 minutes before a man came in, telling me the news I didn’t want to hear.

"Does anyone know who lives 2 doors down from here?" the stranger shouted, making the pub go silent. I was working it out in my head, it was my house.

"yeah, I do why?"

"well, it sounds like someone is dying in there"

"Liam……." I rushed of my bar stool and out the door. The boys quickly followed, I ran to the door shouting before I even got there.

"Niall, get the car ready, Zayn grab the bags, Harry help me" I fumbled with the key to try and fit it in. I could hear him crying.

"Li, Li, its ok, I’m here" I rushed through the door and immediately bent down on the floor, to cup his face in my hands.

"the, the pain, hurts, scared" I kissed his forehead and with the help of Harry, got him to sit up, leaning on the sofa.

"I know baby, but your not alone, I promise" he looked so vulnerable, it broke my heart. His hand was searching around for something, but it couldn’t find it. I knew what he was looking for. I slipped my hand in it as he squeezed it tightly.

"Li, breathe deeply, come on baby" I kissed his forehead as he closed his eyes in pain. When he relaxed a little, I stood up and Harry helped me stand him up. With me on one side, with the most of his weight and Harry on the other, we made our way slowly, to the car, to meet our precious baby for the first time.